Audition Taping





To schedule an appointment call or text Gerardo Davila 214-235-1931


$60.00 1st 30 minutes & $20.00 each additional 15 minutes

Your audition tape includes Coaching, Taping, Editing and Submitting to your agent as well as forwarding a copy to the talent.  

Payment can be made by Cash, Check or Credit Card (All major Credit Cards accepted)

Once your appointment has been scheduled, please make sure that you have emailed me the following:

  • Sides
  • Character description and/or Project breakdown
  • Agency and/or Casting Director instructions, if any

Please be sure that you are completely OFF-BOOK before arriving for your appointment.

OFF-BOOK = is an acting term meaning that the actor no longer needs the script to rehearse; the material is completely memorized.




An actor slate is a short, general interview about yourself and is usually 60 seconds or less.  Some agencies posts actor slates on their websites and talent also posts them on their own personal websites. Your actor slate is readily available to casting professionals, agents and managers. Alot of castings book talent directly after just watching their actor slates.

The purpose of the actor slate is to allow casting to instantly:

  • See what you really look like
  • Hear what you sound like
  • Get a sense of you physically
  • Get a chance to meet you. 


I videotape you in a professional and relaxed setting.  The session is approximately 30 minutes. 

Your actor slate includes coaching, taping, editing and submitting to you and/or your agent. I create a QuickTime movie and/or Flash file.

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