La Ley del Silencio

La Ley del Silencio, 2005 TV Series, Telemundo, directed by Carlos Gaviria, Luis Eduardo Jimenez and Juan Pablo Posada, written by Juana Uribe

This short-lived Telemundo soap tells the story of Javier, a priest working to make his barrio a better place in the heart of Dallas. His ex-girlfriend, Natalia, returns to town to ask him to marry her to Fernando, which he accepts, but the day of the wedding things go terribly bad, and Fernando ends up in jail, accused of attempting to kill Magdalena, Natalia's sister. Besides DE main storyline, there were sub-plots involving a few different families that lived in the barrio. The Fernandez, an illegal family struggling to make ends meet, while dreaming of a better life (Guadalupe, the strong-willed mother, Pedro, the alcoholic father, Tomas, the youngster dreaming to make it as a boxer, and Jimmy, the precocious kid). The Monroys included, Julia, Manuela, and Adela. Julia was a single mother taking care of her troublesome niece, Adela, while Manuela was Natalia's best friend, secretly in love with Fernando. The Meyers lived across the street, and included Amparo, and the only gringo in the show, gringo Meyer, and their two kids, Sebastian (which soon would surprise everyone by impregnating Adela), and singing sensation, virginal Virginia. Last, but not least, were the Noriegas, Leopoldo, a rich Mexican doctor running away from a secret, and his two children, the "fresas": Paulina and Ramiro. Clotilde was their aunt, a gossip that ended up falling for her nephew Leopoldo, while he soon fell for Julia.

The scene posted here features Gerardo Davila, Jose Angel Llamas, Flora Martinez, Liz Gallardo and Julio Brach